Business Development Services

Knowledge and experience in your markets is LAA’s strength. Independent knowledge and experience to compliment your own! Add flexibility in time and fee structures and you have a valuable resource to help you develop your organization. LAA would welcome the opportunity to develop a business programme with you to meet your specific needs. The following services may be of interest:

UK Sales DevelopmentLAA’s associates have considerable sales management and sales development experience within the UK – Fire, Security and Building Services sector. Utilizing this experience LAA will undertake project and where appropriate success fee work to identify and develop growth opportunities in existing or related markets. This service can take the form of support to facilitate development through your own staff or direct action by LAA on your behalf.

Export Sales DevelopmentLAA associates have extensive experience in export and international sales including Scandinavia, Europe, Middle East and Far East Countries. Utilizing this experience LAA will undertake projects to identify and develop export and international business opportunities, including direct sales and agent or distributor search and selection. If your need is greater than a single project LAA can also provide an Export Sales Management Service on a retainer or possibly a success fee basis.

A UK Resource Service – A service for foreign manufacturers seeking management and marketing assistance to evaluate and if appropriate enter the UK market. Utilizing their experience of export markets LAA can anticipate the requirements of foreign manufacturers, and undertake projects to identify and develop UK business opportunities on their behalf. LAA’s services can include direct sales support and assistance with agent or distributor search and selection.

Management Development – The quality and performance of individuals within an organization are crucial to its success. Professional management of these resources and their associated task are essential to secure maximum productivity and the required results. LAA’s associates have many years of management experience which is available through individual training and coaching in individual, team and task management for sales, marketing, project and general management.